Beginning Farmers

What can I do with my small farm?

Often, when people buy a small farm they simply want someone to tell them what they can "do" with it. As strange as it might seem, this isn't an easy questions to answer. Before making decisions, you should consider these major factors that interact with and influence each other.

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Growing Farms: Successful Whole Farm Management

Growing Farms workshops provide beginning farmers with the tools and knowledge needed to manage the biological and financial risks of farming. 

This course is thoughtfully designed and can be invaluable if you are:

  • Considering starting a farm business
  • Within your first five years of farming
  • Considering major changes to your farm business

Turn your dream of owning and operating a small farm or ranch into a reality with the help from our expert instructors.  

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New Book!

Whole Farm Management: From Start-up to Sustainability

Farming is a business, as well as a way of life. Whole Farm Management is a comprehensive guide developed by the Small Farms Program at Oregon State University to help aspiring and beginner farmers make smart business decisions to ensure lasting success. In clear, accessible language, this book covers every essential step, from developing a strategic plan to acquiring equipment, establishing infrastructure, finding markets, budgeting, managing day-to-day operations, and selecting a business structure for long-term viability.

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