Oregon Vegetables (OSU)- A wide selection of vegetable production information including the OSU Vegetable Production Guides, VegNet, specialty seed production information, organic production information and more. Use fertilizer recommendations in the OSU Vegetable Production guides with caution because they have not been updated to reflect currently recommended nutrient management practices.

Vegetables (OSU Extension Catalog)- Search the OSU Extension Catalog to find publications about the production of various vegetable crops.

Vegetable Production Guides (OSU)- These guides were adapted by the Oregon State University Extension Service. The information was sourced from Oregon and PNW extension publications, published and unpublished research, and the professional experience of OSU faculty, farmers, and other agricultural professionals.

Croptime: Vegetable and Weed Degree-day Models- Vegetable degree-day models can help schedule planting dates and predict harvest dates more accurately than calendar days.

Winter Vegetable Production on Small Farms and Gardens West of the Cascades- The mild climate west of the Cascades allows farmers and gardeners to grow many winter-hardy crops in the field for winter and spring harvest.

WSU Vegetable Research and Extension - Program that includes a wide range of projects, evaluating pest management, and implementing water and soil conservation practices.

Vegetable Publications (ATTRA)- These resources offer detailed information on production of specific horticultural crops, focusing on sustainable and organic production methods for traditional produce, and also introducing a range of alternative crops and enterprises. In these publications you can find information on strategies for more sustainable greenhouse and field production of everything from lettuce to trees.

Potatoes - OSU site for grower and researcher resources.

Also see the Organic Vegetable Production, Dry Farming, and Water & Irrigation sections of the OSU Small Farms website.

Nutrient Management

Nutrient Management for Sustainable Vegetable Cropping Systems in Western Oregon-Nutrient recommendations for vegetables in western Oregon are provided in this guide. Topics include sustainable soil health, soil testing and nutrient management, nitrogen management and technical aspects for fertilizer application and use.

Organic Nutrient Management for Vegetable Production- This self-guided online workshop series is designed to improve farmers' nutrient management skills, to help them reach the production and profit goals they have set for their farm business.

Soil Test Interpretation Guide - Regular soil testing is an important element in nutrient management. You can use soil tests as a diagnostic tool or to identify trends through time. To obtain meaningful test results, you must sample soil correctly, at the same time each year, and you must maintain records.

Sweet Corn Nutrient Management Guide: Western Oregon - Nutrient recommendations for processing and fresh-market sweet corn in western Oregon are provided in this guide. Sweet corn is typically grown in Benton, Clackamas, Lane, Linn, Polk, Marion, Yamhill, and Washington counties on Amity, Chehalis, Cloquato, Coburg, Concord, Newberg, Salem, Stayton,  Willamette, and Woodburn soil series.

Nutrient Management for Onions in the Pacific Northwest - Nutrient management guide for growing onions, including information on the timing, managing, and assessing needs of onions. Assists onion growers and crop advisers in producing high-quality crop while protecting the environment from excess nutrients.

Soil Fertility Management for Organic Crops - Growers need sound information to guide their management decisions on organic vegetable production practices. Each publication in this series addresses a key aspect of organic production practices applicable to all vegetable crops.

Organic Fertilizer and Cover Crop Calculators- This free online tool compares the nutrient value and cost of cover crops, organic and synthetic fertilizers and compost. Use this calculator to develop well balanced and coste effective nutrient management programs for your farm.

Key to Nutrient Deficiencies in Vegetable Crops- This key describes indicators of a variety of common nutrient deficiencies in vegetable crops.

Seed and Varieties

OSU Vegetable Variety Selection Resources - Resources for selecting vegetable varieties adapted to local growing conditions.

SeedQuest - Global information service for seed professionals around the world.

Organic Seed Alliance - Organic Seed Alliance advances the ethical development and stewardship of the genetic resources of agricultural seed. We accomplish our mission through collaborative research, education, and advocacy programs that closely engage organic farmers and other seed professionals.

Seed Savers Exchange - Seed Savers Exchange is a non-profit organization dedicated to saving and sharing heirloom seeds. Since 1975, our members have been passing on our garden heritage by collecting and distributing thousands of samples of rare garden seeds to other gardeners.

Potato Varieties (Oregon Seed Certification Service)- Includes lists of potato varieties and variety characteristics.

Pests & Diseases Management

Also see the Biodiversity and Pest Management section of this website under Crops.

Blackleg and light-leaf spot on brassicas: 

  • These slides describe simple hot-water treatment methods used by Wild Garden Seed and High Mowing Seed.
  • The revised ODA rule has been in effect since August 2016.

OSU Integrated Pest Management Center - This center publishes the PNW Pest Management Handbooks, provides extensive weather station links and pest and crop models, coordinates pest management and pesticide safety training

Integrated Pest Management for Potatoes in the Western United States - This is the most complete and best-illustrated guide available for managing potato pests under western farming conditions. Designed for use by growers, pest control advisers, crop managers, and county agents in the western states, this manual also is an invaluable reference for anyone interested in potato production.

Cornell Vegetable Disease FactsheetsFormerly Vegetable MD online.

Resource Guide for Organic Insect and Disease Management - Cornell University book available on-line

Diseases and Pests of Vegetable Crops in Canada - Photographs, biology and management information for vegetable pests. Link provides text from introductory chapters and order form for the book

Columbia Root-Knot Nematode - Older resource for the Columbia root-knot nematode which attacks potatoes and causes injury to tubers in the Columbia Basin of Oregon and Washington as well as other areas of the Pacific Northwest.

Weed Management

Steel in the Field: A Farmer's Guide to Weed Management Tools - This publication shows techniques for controlling weeds, while reducing herbicides. Weed control demands time, labor and expense for every farmer every year.

Weed ‘Em and Reap - OSU videos of weed control tools and reduced tillage systems in use on farms

Market Gardens

What Can I Do with My Small Farm? Selecting an Enterprise for Small Acreages- Covers the many factors involved in making decisions related to the use of small-farm property.

Sustainable Vegetable Production from Start-Up to Market - This publications includes thirty-two profiles detail the experiences of individual vegetable growers and provide enterprise budgets for a number of crops.

Oregon State University Master Gardener Program - The Master Gardener program is an Oregon State University (OSU) Extension Service program that educates Oregonians about the art and science of growing and caring for plants. This program also facilitates the training of a highly educated corp of volunteers. These volunteers extend sustainable gardening information to their communities through education and outreach programs.

Growing Your Own - A publication containing advice on a wide range of gardening topics, including composting, container gardens, fall/winter gardens, fertilizing, insect pests, plant diseases, planting guidelines, raised beds, site selection, slugs, soil improvement, tilling, warm-season crops, watering, and weeds. Includes regional tips for various parts of Oregon.

Other gardening publications from Oregon State University - Oregon State University Extension Service catalog of publications available to the public online.