Farm Direct Marketing Eggs & Meat

Market stand showing display eggs


Oregon Farm Direct Marketing - Selling Eggs: A Guide for Farmers and Market Managers - Do you produce and sell eggs directly to consumers? If so, there are specific labeling and handling requirements that you need to follow to qualify for the farm-direct licensing exemption and stay legal. This OSU publication outlines requirements and provides guidance on how to sell high-quality eggs to your customers. It is important to remember that although you may qualify for a license exemption, you are not exempt from following food safety guidelines.


Meat and Poultry Processing Regulations in Oregon: A Short Guide - Federal law requires that meat and poultry are processed at a federally-inspected facility to be sold as human food. The law contains some limited exceptions allowing the sale of uninspected meat and poultry. However, with only one small exception (discussed in this guide), Oregon law requires that to be sold as food, meat and poultry species must be processed in a state-approved and state-licensed facility.

Oregon Farm Direct Poultry - Oregon law exempts a poultry business from ODA licensing for slaughter and direct sale of no more than 1,000 domesticated poultry per year raised by the poultry business. This fact sheet shares basic information about the exemption. 

Best Practices for Open-Air Poultry Slaughter - Oregon poultry producers who meet certain conditions can slaughter chicken, turkey and other birds in an open-air setting. But they still must meet requirements for sanitation, monitoring, recordkeeping and more. These resources can help poultry farmers operate in a safe, sanitary and environmentally sound manner.

Labeling Requirements under Oregon's 1000 Bird Exemption - If you are processing and selling under Oregon's 1000 bird exemption, you are required to attach a label to each package with the information from ODA listed in this publication.  

Niche Meat Processing Assistance Network - NMPAN, a program of OSU Center for Small Farms and Community Food Systems, is a national community of practice of people and organizations helping small meat processors thrive, and growing our shared wealth of information and innovation.

Raising Rabbits for Meat: Marketing