Pasture & Grazing Management

Forage production is of primary importance to Oregon's livestock enterprises and agriculture economy. Pastures are kept in good condition by controlling weeds, maintaining and improving soil health, and managing livestock. Implementing pasture management and grazing principles will increase forage yield and quality, provide a healthier place for livestock.


Fundamental Resources

Pasture and Grazing Management in the Northwest - This comprehensive resource is for anyone who manages livestock on pastures in the Northwest. The guide is a 208-page book offering pasture managers information and tools to enable their pastures and their livestock to reach their maximum production potentials. Seventeen chapters proceed from planning to budgeting.

Introduction to Pasture and Grazing Management - A free online course offered through OSU Professional and Continuing Education. This curriculum is for is for any livestock producer seeking to improve their pasture management and create a more productive and sustainable forage-livestock system. This course is based on the premise that as a livestock producer, you are actually a grass and legume farmer, using the forages that you grow as a feed source for your animals.

Pasture Principles for Smaller Acreage - Written for landowners in Idaho, the same principles hold true for pasture managers throughout Oregon.

Managing Small-acreage Horse Farms for Green Pastures, Clean Water, and Healthy Horses - This publication, tailored for small acreages discusses basic management strategies for managing horses and pastures. Management practices include rain gutters, sacrifice areas, buffer strips, pasture rotation, well water protection, and manure management. These practices apply to all species of livestock.


Grazing Management

The Sins of Overgrazing - (presentation slides), Steven Fransen, WSU


Regional Resources

Introduction to Pasture and Grazing Management in Western Oregon - This publication is for farmers and ranchers new to managing pastures in the Pacific Northwest. It is a complement to the online Introduction to Pasture and Grazing Management course. It provides the basics of establishing and maintaining a productive pasture for your livestock.

Pasture Management Guide: Coastal Pastures in Washington and Oregon - An overview of basic management principles, including grazing systems, forage establishment and selection and weed and insect management. This publication has valuable information for all of western Oregon.


Seasonal Pasture Management

Western Oregon and Washington Pasture Management Calendar - This publication describes—by climatic zone—perennial pasture plant growth and how management actions can affect growth, both positively and negatively. Optimal management of forages by season is the basis for the Pasture Calendar.

Summer and Fall Pasture Management - Late summer and fall are critical times for proper pasture management. Check out this fact-sheet and begin to understand plant and root growth in the Fall.

Pasture Management: Fall Back to Spring Ahead - This publication discusses what we can do in fall to better prepare for healthy, productive spring pastures.

Calculating Livestock Winter Hay Needs

Keeping Livestock and Pastures Healthy Over the Winter (pdf - article is on page 7)

Early Spring Forage Production for Western Oregon Pastures - This publication provide management concepts and directions for extending the grazing season with production of late-winter and early-spring forage.