Raw Agricultural Products

Oregon Farm Direct Marketing Rules adopted under OAR 603-025-0215 thru 603-025-0275, exempts farm direct marketers from ODA licensing that sell agricultural products that they grow. All sales must be directly to the end retail consumer, though consignment sales of some products is allowed.

Exempt products include:

  • Fruits, vegetables, edible flowers and herbs that are fresh, cured, or dried as part of routine post-harvest handling
  • Shelled and unshelled nuts
  • Shell eggs (see Oregon Farm Direct Marketing: Selling Eggs)
  • Honey with no additives
  • Uncooked whole, hulled, crushed or ground grain, legumes and seeds
  • Uncooked parched or roasted grains
  • Popcorn, nuts, peppers and corn on the cob that are roasted by the farm direct marketer at the place of purchase after purchase and not sold for immediate consumption

ODA Farm Direct Marketing, Agriculture Products - A fact sheet to learn more about these exempt products and consignment options.

Farm Direct Bill FAQ - Get your questions answered here about the Farm Direct Marketing Administrative Rules under OAR 603-025-0215 through OAR 603-025-0275