Beef Production for Small Farms - Beef production is a large and important segment of American agriculture and one of the largest industries in the world. For people who own land but work full-time off the farm, a beef enterprise can be the least labor-intensive way to utilize their land. A cattle enterprise can use family or surplus labor. Calving, weaning, vaccinations, castration, and weighing can be planned for times when labor is available.

Breeds, Reproduction & Calving

Beef Cow-Calf Management Guide - This management calendar provides guidelines for health, nutrition, and reproductive management procedures for the cow-calf producer. It begins with a brief discussion of production goals and general factors related to reproduction, nutrition, and health. It then presents specific recommendations, organized into a yearly production cycle. 

Calving School Handbook - Focus on the calving process, the mechanisms associated with this event, and information and management options for calving difficulties.


Beef Cattle Nutrition Workbook - An interactive workbook to be used in conjunction with Oregon State University Extension Service Winter Nutrition Programs for beef producers.

Feeding For Rebreeding - Good nutritional status is one of the most important factors in successful reproduction. In this article, I will review the nutritional demands, the nutrient requirements, and the nutrient content of common feeds for mature cows and first-calf heifers after calving and into the breeding season.


Dehorn calves with paste - It's a good idea to dehorn cattle that live in confined areas to prevent injuries to humans and other animals. Of the various dehorning methods, dehorning with paste is easy, effective, and economical as well as low-stress for the animal.

Scours in Beef Calves: Causes and Treatments - Scours is the common name for diarrhea in calves. Diarrhea commonly affects newborn calves, because of their liquid milk diet, the higher water content in their bodies, and their susceptibility to certain age-specific infectious diseases of the intestinal tract.

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