Growing Farms Online: Successful Whole Farm Management

Growing Farms: Successful Whole Farm Management provides farmers with the tools and knowledge needed to develop and manage a successful farm business. This course is intended for people who are considering starting a farm business, those within their first five years of farming and others who may be considering major changes to their farm business.

The core Growing Farms course is a series of six online modules that lead you through the basics of managing a successful farm business.

The course was developed by OSU Small Farms Program faculty and other farm management experts, and is presented in an interactive and graphically rich format. Modules include more than four hours of video created specifically for the Growing Farms course, and feature six Oregon farmers who share their experience and insights about farming.

Although the course draws on examples from Oregon's robust farming communities, its innovative examples, models and insights are highly relevant to farmers nationwide.

Growing Farms: Introduction to Pasture and Grazing Management

Introduction to Pasture and Grazing Management is for any livestock producer seeking to improve their pasture management and create a more productive and sustainable forage-livestock system.

Growing Farms Short Course: Ecological Strategies for Managing Insects on a Farm

Designed for fruit and vegetable farmers, this course will help you develop an ecologically-based integrated pest management plan for your farm.

Using the PAMS framework—prevention, avoidance, monitoring and suppression—you will learn how to make pest management decisions from the perspective of a farm ecosystem manager.

With this foundational knowledge, and with experience, you will be able to utilize the PAMS strategies to address specific pest problems in your farming system.