Oregon Community Food Systems by the Numbers A new fact sheet series from OSU Extension

Author: Lauren Gwin, Associate Director, Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems

Publish Date: Fall 2018

What are the numbers telling us about our food system?

OSU Extension faculty have launched a new fact sheet series exploring local food system data and analysis. The new series responds to requests from the Oregon Community Food Systems Network and is a new addition to the CFS Indicators Project, an ongoing partnership with OCFSN.

The first issue, “12% of Oregon’s farmers markets are in areas with low income and low access to supermarkets,” examines the location of Oregon’s farmers markets and areas of the state classified as places with low income and low access to food. 600,000 Oregonians – 14% of the state’s population – live in areas with low income and low access, and at least 12 of the state’s farmers markets are also located in these areas.

“Farmers markets provide one way to access healthy food choices,” said lead author Mallory Rahe, Extension Community Economist. “The Oregon Farmers Market Association is currently seeking funding to pilot programs that will strengthen the business viability of market vendors in these areas. OFMA’s need to understand the overlap between existing markets and low income areas with limited access to grocery stores was our motivation for this first publication.”

Future fact sheets will focus on similar timely and relevant questions, driven by questions from communities and food system organizations. “We look forward to partnering with additional groups and regions on future issues,” Rahe says.

“Oregon Community Food Systems by the Numbers” is a partnership between the OSU Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems and Rural Communities Explorer.

Access the fact sheet here: https://catalog.extension.oregonstate.edu/em9215

Contact Mallory Rahe (Mallory. rahe@oregonstate. edu) or Lauren Gwin (Lauren.gwin@oregonstate.edu) with ideas or questions for future analyses.

Explore similar data for your local food and agricultural sector on the Rural Communities Explorer website: http://oe.oregonexplorer.info/rural/CommunitiesReporter/

Learn about the CFS Indicators Project: https://centerforsmallfarms.oregonstate.edu/ communityfoodsystems

Learn about the Oregon Community Food Systems Network: http://ocfsn.net/.