Black Oregon Land Trust Launches

Author: By: BOLT Collective

Publication Date: Winter 2021

Imagine: Black farmers and families in Oregon securely own and tend land, in community. They have the infrastructure and support they need to grow food and thriving businesses. They birth their children in sovereignty, live in right relationship with the earth and community, and remember our ancestral traditions to transform generations to come.

This is the vision of BOLT, the Black Oregon Land Trust. We are a collective of farmers, herbalists, birthworkers, mothers, artists and visionaries committed to our collective liberation. We believe access to land is a critical part of our sovereignty, and we are birthing this dream into reality!

In January 2021, we are launching BOLT as a non-profit organization that will be able to secure land for communal ownership and tending, and support thriving life in our communities. We do this work in reverence and relationship with the earth, the indigenous folks of these lands, and the calling of our ancestors.

Follow our journey and stay tuned for ways you can participate and support! Learn more: