Audacious Plan Launched to Provide More Small Farms Extension Positions

Author: Dr. Gary Stephenson and Dr. Lauren Gwin

Publish Date: Spring 2014

During the 2014 OSU Small Farms Conference, we unveiled our audacious plan to permanently fund six additional Small Farms Extension positions with an endowment.

The new OSU Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems was created to support the Extension Small Farms Program and its work in organic and sustainable agriculture, strong local food economies and successful small farms.

Tell us you support this goal by donating $1. We want 5000 farmers and local food system folk to say, “I love it! I’m in!” Go here, learn more about our campaign, and donate one dollar (or more) to change the world.

What donors are saying:

“I am excited by OSU's visionary work to sustain small farms by creating the new OSU Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems.  Good work!”

“I love it! I'm in. This is just what a small farmer can afford right now to support other small farmers.”

“I'm a small time farmer who utilizes and appreciates the resources provided by OSU, and hope the donation will help keep the program informative and continue to help me and others.”

“The Center for Small Farms is an extremely important resource that I want to see expanded to other parts of Oregon.”

“I give back in recognition of all the help and encouragement I've received from the Small Farms Program staff.  I'm grateful for their help.”

“I believe small farms are an integral component of a sustainable food system and fully support additional extension service to help our community achieve this goal.”

Your Farms. Your Food. Your Communities. Our Future.