Check out "Because They Joined the Grange", by Garry Stephenson. A brief history of Benton County's grange halls, including photographs and other resources.

Oregon Small Farms

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Wednesday, Aug 13th 2014

Soil Workshop for small-scale vegetable farmers
The first  day of this two-day soil workshop covers beginning soils topics including soil types, texture, structure, and organic matter. Participants will have a chance to look at soil ...

Thursday, Aug 14th 2014

Soil Workshop for small-scale vegetable farmers
The second day of this two day workshop includes more advanced topics including soil testing, soil moisture, nitrogen management, and identifying nutrient deficiency symptoms. Participants will...

Saturday, Aug 16th 2014

Seeds of the Future
Seed Breeding and Production in the Rogue Valley:  A farm tour and Primer for Beginning Seed Farmers Specialty Seed Crops represent a great niche market to small, sustainable farms in...
Seeds of the Future
POSTER Includes tour of two seed farms, lunch and a class for begining seed farmers. REGISTER ON LINE Specialty Seed Crops are a niche market for small, sustainable Rogue Valley Farms. ...