Organic Fertilizer and Cover Crop Calculator

These cover crop and nutrient management tools have been developed by:

  • Oregon State University: Nick Andrews, Dan Sullivan, Jim Julian and Kristin Pool
  • University of Idaho: Amber Moore, Christi Falen, Lauren Hunter, Glenn Shewmaker and David Graybill

Select a calculator for your region:

  • West of the Cascades (irrigated temperate coniferous forest): Full Excel spreadsheet for calculating costs, cover crop and fertilizer PAN, other fertilizer nutrients, with options for 1000sf or per acre calculations (Andrews et al.)

  • East of the Cascades (irrigated desert and dry shrub): cover crop PAN calculator (Moore et al.)

Information and resources

This work was sponsored by Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (projects FW06-301 and FW09-328), Oregon Tilth, Inc. and the OSU Oregon Organic Cropping Research program.

We also thank Stutzman Environmental Products, Concentrates Inc., Wilbur-Ellis Company, and Bridgewell Resources for supporting this work with their donations.