Oregon Small Farm News is a free online newsletter that concentrates on both commercial small farm entrepreneurs as well as non-commercial small acreage landowners. Our focus embraces organic/biological and conventional farming systems and emphasizes three areas:

    • Small Acreage Stewardship - Addressing enterprises, land management and soil and water quality for non-commercial small acreage's.
    • Commercial Small Farms - Entrepreneurial Agriculture Addressing high value horticulture, livestock and poultry, and alternative crop production emphasizing organic and pasture-based systems and specialty and niche production.
    • Community Food Systems - Address alternative and specialty marketing through creation and enhancement of local and regional food systems and farm direct marketing channels.
    Vol. XV No. 2 Spring 2020

    In this issue:

    • Small Farms, Local Food, & COVID-19: What do you need to know?
    • A New Meat School Coming to a Town or Computer Near You!
    • Takeo Sakata’s Double Flowering Petunia
    • Livestock Farmers, Are You Ready For Tighter Restrictions on Antibiotics?
    • Farmers: consider Individual Development Accounts to help you build your farm business
    • Developing Oregon’s Winter Vegetable Market: North Willamette Research and Extension Center Field Day

    Past Issues

    Vol. XV No. 1 Winter 2020 
    • New Book from OSU Small Farms Program - Whole Farm Management: From Start Up to Sustainability
    • 2020 OSU Small Farms Conference is Saturday, Feb. 22nd - Register Now
    • Chance Observation Results in Entomology Breakthrough; How entomologists learned to control Japanese leafhopper
    • Veteran Farmers List Serv Available, Sign-up Now 
    • Celebrating Winter Vegetables and Developing Oregon’s Winter Vegetable Market
    Vol. XIIII No. 4 Fall 2019
    • New Book from OSU Small Farms Program - Whole Farm Management: From Start Up to Sustainability
    • Save the Date! 2020 OSU Small Farms Conference is Saturday, Feb. 22nd 
    • OSU’s 2019 Mechanical Cultivation Workshop
    • Sexing Chicks
    • Dry Farming Project Update: Field days, flavor, and grower success create buzz in the media
    • On-Farm Compost – Will It Work On My Farm?
    • A New Tool Makes it Easy for Organic Farmers to Follow the NOP Guidance on Natural Resources and Biodiversity Conservation
    • All The Farms: Old Issue, New Tool
    Vol. XIIII No. 3 Summer 2019
    • What Are We Learning From the Census of Agriculture?
    • New Professional and Continuing Education Course: Ecological Strategies for Managing Insects on a Farm
    • Ichi Yamada and 'Beniaka' Sweet Potato
    • Farmer-to-Farmer Organic Mentorship Program Accepting Applications
    • Dry Farming Field Days 2019
    • Zsamboki Biokert: A visit with sustainable agriculture leaders in Hungary
    • Food Learning & Business Center proposed for The Dalles: Interested? Take their survey
    • OSU Launches Hemp Center
    Vol. XIIII No. 2 Spring 2019
    • Introducing Crop Talks 2019
    • Stone Wall Strawberries
    • Oregon's Organic Sector Promotes Organic Agriculture at Legislature
    • Good Meat Project at the Small Farms Conference
    • A New Tool Makes it Easy for Organic Farmers to Follow the NOP Guidance on Natural Resources and Biodiversity Conservation
    • You're Invited to the Changing Hands Story Series
    • Food Hubs in Oregon: What have we learned?
    Vol. XIIII No. 1 Winter 2019
    • The National Climate Assessment Identifies Challenges for Agriculture And Rural Communities
    • The Invention of the Rice Transplanter by Farmers
    • Expanding Opportunities for Small-Scale Farms in the Specialty Food Market
    • Field to Market: Producing & Selling Farm-Direct Products
    • Reflections on my career with Organically Grown Company
    • Oregon Community Food Systems Network – Public Policy Update
    • Exploring Cover Crops in Central Oregon
    • Growing Veteran Agripreneurs Launches at SOREC
    • Oregon Farmers Markets Association Receives $247,000 Federal Grant
    • Women’s Farm to Food Accelerator Program

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