Oregon Community Food Systems Network Seeks New Partners

Author: Anya Moucha, OCFSN Member Services Coordinator

Publish Date: Winter 2017

The Oregon Community Food Systems Network (OCFSN) is a collaboration of 42 nonprofit organizations and allies dedicated to strengthening local and regional food system to deliver better economic, social, health, and environmental outcomes across the state. Learn more about OCFSN here: http://ocfsn.net/.

The network is currently accepting applications from new (non-profit) members and (for-profit) business affiliates. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis. However, organizations and businesses that submit their applications by February 28th may have the opportunity to participate or be recognized at the 2017 Oregon Community Food Systems Convening -- a two-day, invitation-only event for community and business leaders concerned with farm and food issues.

Call for New OCFSN Member Applications -

 Public interest organizations are invited to review the OCFSN Bylaws and complete the member application posted at ocfsn.net.

Call for OCFSN Business Affiliate Applications -

an opportunity for business leaders to support and inform local and regional food system development efforts. For-profit enterprises support the food system, from the farm through all links in the value chain to the consumer. Collectively, for-profit enterprises can also have a determining influence on food systems outcomes related to the environment, the sustainability of rural communities or specific sectors of the economy, the safety, health and wellbeing of workers, and the health and quality of life of citizens.

Accordingly, OCFSN has an interest in engaging the business community to understand business priorities and challenges, identify shared interests, and recognize businesses that make a positive contribution to local and regional food systems development efforts. To become an OCFSN business affiliate, review the Business Affiliate Program Description and submit the Business Affiliate Application posted at ocfsn.net.