Livestock Health Information

Oregon State University College of Vet Medicine - The College of Veterinary Medicine at OSU serves the needs of Oregon, the nation, and the world by training the next generation of practice-ready veterinarians, providing state-of-the-art diagnostic and clinical services, and supporting the continuing education of veterinary practitioners.

Integrated Parasite Management for Livestock - Internal parasites can be a major problem for producers. With parasites developing resistance to all dewormers and more farmers producing livestock by 'natural' methods, there is interest in looking for alternative ways to managing parasite problems. This ATTRA (1999) publication covers aspects of the whole system affecting internal parasites, including nutrition, pasture management, soil organisms, and strategic deworming.

Merck Veterinary Manual - The Merck Manuals, is a series of books for human and animal health care professionals and for the general public. As a service to the community, the content of The Manuals is available free of charge in enhanced online versions. The online versions are updated periodically with new information and contain illustrations and audio and video material not present in the print versions.