Additional Livestock Resources

Links of Interest

    OSU Department of Animal and Rangeland Sciences - Learning and exploring biological principles applied to domestic livestock and companion animals.

    Hay Options: When you are short on hay - Oregon State University.  Options for producers short on hay due to winter and spring weather conditions.

    Living on the Land: Pasture and Livestock Essentials - Oregon State University.  Pasture and livestock management East of the Cascade Mountains.

    Living on the Land: Winter Livestock Care - Information on the basics of managing livestock in the winter.

    Matching Hay Quality to Animal Nutrient Requirements - Addresses the topic of nutrient content of grass/legume hay and the nutrient requirements of  livestock that may be consuming it.

    On-Farm Food Safety: Cleaning and Sanitizing Guide - A guide to cleaning and sanitation during production, harvesting, and packaging to reduce the risk of contamination to fresh produce.

    Setting Pasture Rental Rates - Rental rates for pasturing cattle and sheep vary depending on animal size or weight, condition of pasture, work done by each party, and lease length.

        Fencing & Watering

          Rotational Grazing - Rotational grazing is periodically moving livestock to fresh paddocks, to allow pastures to regrow. Rotational grazing requires skillful decisions and close monitoring of their consequences.