Oregon Food Hub Network: New map and lists of hubs around the state

Author: Lauren Gwin, Oregon State University Center for Small Farms & Community Food Systems

Publication: Spring 2021

Does Oregon have food hubs? Where are they, and what services do they offer?

Yes, Oregon has at least 12 active food hubs around the state, and a few more are in the works. We’ve created a list of most of the established and emerging Food Hub ventures in Oregon, with brief descriptions and contact info. https://extension. oregonstate.edu/food/ food-systems

Hubs included vary in their size, scope, and structure. All of them work to support producers, streamline operations, and play a crucial role in developing our state’s local food system to a scale that is competitive in mainstream markets.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture defines a food hub as a business or organization that actively manages the aggregation, distribution and marketing of source-identified food products primarily from local and regional producers to strengthen their ability to satisfy wholesale, retail, and institutional demand.

Most of these hubs are part of the Oregon Food Hub Network, a peer learning community for local food hubs, both active and in development, around the state. Partners include nonprofit organizations, farmers, ranchers, and fishermen, small food businesses, rural economic development agencies, and others.

The Oregon Food Hub Network is a working group of the Oregon Community Food Systems Network, a collaboration of 56 nonprofit organizations and allies dedicated to the shared vision that all Oregonians thrive with healthy, affordable foods from an equitable, environmentally and economically resilient, regional food system. Learn more: http://ocfsn.net/