Connecting the Dots between Farm Succession and Land Preservation

Nellie McAdams, Farm Preservation Program Director, Rogue Farm Corps

Publish Date: 

 Winter 2018


 Vol. XIII No. 1

You’ve heard that a large amount (two-thirds or 10.5 million acres) of Oregon’s agricultural land will be changing hands in the near future (next 20 years).* But what impacts will this have on our food system, environment, and rural communities? Rogue Farm Corps’ new infographic helps connect the dots between farm succession and agricultural land loss. It also offers some solutions that the Oregon Community Food Systems Network is advocating for on behalf of Oregon farmers, like farm succession planning and working lands easements. Click on the image in the infographic of a “Farmer with a plan” to learn how Lucien Gunderman used a working lands easement to preserve his 1,000-acre ranch and forest property and pass it on to his best friend’s son.  Click here to read more at RFC’s Farm Preservation Program.”

*Find the report by OSU, PSU, and Rogue Farm Corps here.