Farmers in the Western United States are becoming increasingly affected by climate change through reduced snowmelt, increased temperatures, and drought (Climate Risks in the Northwest). Up to a 50% reduction in summer water availability is predicted in Oregon within 50 years (Nolan and Daley, 2006; Oregon Climate Change Research Institute interactive graphic). It will be critical for the viability of farms in our region and the security of our food system to increase our knowledge and awareness of how Oregon growers are being affected by drought and expand our toolbox of drought mitigation tools and strategies. Many Oregon farmers using surface water for irrigation were cut off early during the 2015 growing season. In addition, water, drought, and climate change are the top agricultural concerns of young farmers in the West and many young farmers have trouble finding land with unrestricted irrigation rights (Conservation Generation, 2016).

Water Management

Growing Resilience: Water Management Workshop Series

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Water Rights

Why Do I Need a Water Right ?

Using Irrigation Water Legally (EC 1650)

E. Hammond, B. Tuck, R. Wood, S. Olson, S. Kerr
This publication is part of the Living on the Land series. It provides concise information on how to legally use water that flows through, under, or by your property.