Hog Production Alternatives: Livestock Production Guide - Addresses the two different directions in which hog production is currently moving: 1) contracting with large-scale vertical integrators (producers/packers/processors linked from farrowing to packing to the retail counter), and 2) sustainable production of a smaller number of hogs sold through alternative markets.

Hooped Shelters for Hogs - Advantages and disadvantages of using hooped structures for finishing hogs or housing gestating sows. It provides information on hoop barn design,deep bedding, waste management, and minimal-stress handling, as well as some cost analyses.

Considerations in Organic Hog Production - Focuses on a number of areas of compliance, and issues of sustainability and animal welfare.

Profitable Pork: Alternative Strategies for Hog Production - Farmers who want to successfully produce pork on a small scale can preserve their independence in the face of the consolidating hog industry.

Breeds, Reproduction and Farrowing

Caring for New Feeder Pigs - Feeder pigs are raised for home use, market, or as a 4-H or FFA project for summer fairs. By following a few key recommendations, you can keep your pigs healthy and gaining weight. This publication briefly discusses housing, feeding, and health.

Oklahoma State's Swine Breeds - This site is intended as an educational and informational resource on breeds of swine.

Management of Replacement Gilts - General husbandry methods to raise healthy replacement gilts on the farm.


The Kansas Swine Nutrition Guide - Swine nutrition guide that covers breeding, general nutrition, starter recommendations, and growing-finishing recommendations.


NetVet for Pigs - Veterinary guide online for pigs, health, genetics, farm, pets/other, and commercial.

Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus - Informative guide to Porcine Epidemic Diarrhea Virus including symptoms, transmission, treatment and prevention.  This disease recently appeared in the US and is spreading rapidly. 

Manure Management

Swine Manure Management Planning - A manure management plan brings together information about crops, livestock, and manure handling for your farm.

Other Swine Resources

OSU Animal Sciences Swine Extension - Information on pork production available online and also printed publications.

Oregon Pork Producers - The Oregon Pork Producers strives to serve all producers regardless of size or production practices, by promoting producer and consumer education, research, animal well-being, marketing, and environmental responsibility.

Oklahoma State Swine Resources -  Swine resources from the Oklahoma State University Department of Animal Science.

Pork Checkoff - The National Pork Board harnesses the resources of all producers to capture opportunity, address challenges and satisfy customers.

Niche Pork - Niche pork production offers lifestyle and financial opportunities that are attractive to many individuals. The low capital nature of most operations makes it a good complement to other farming activities or as a partial employment for someone who wants to remain connected to livestock production.