Session One - 9:40am - 11:00am

Profitable Flowers for the PNW

Hear from growers in different regions about what their most profitable specialty cut flower crops are.  From the Mediterranean climate of southern Oregon, to the wet Washington valley, to the unique climate of the Columbia Gorge, we'll be discussing crop planning and selection, planting, timing and what to grow to give your farm a step up. Presenters: Danielle & Valiant Swan, Field to Heart; Isabella Thorndike Church, Le Mera Gardens; Teresa Engbretson & Katie Elliott, My Garden Over Floweth

Marketing Your Farm’s Products: Keep it Safe, Keep it Legal

Oregon’s Farm Direct Marketing Law allows farmers to sell a variety of products direct to the end-user without a license. However, there are still labeling and handling requirements for many of the products allowed including eggs, value-added products, and packaged foods. In this workshop we will review what is and isn’t allowed under the Farm Direct Marketing Law and provide resources with detailed information about specific products. Beginning farmers, market managers and experienced farmers adding new enterprises will all benefit from attending and there will be plenty of time for Q&A. Presenters: Sara Runkel, OSU Extension Service; Kelly Streit, OSU Extension Service; Will Fargo, Oregon Department of Agriculture, Food Safety Specialist

Elaboración de trampas e identificación de insectos para cultivos en Oregon

El principal componente para el control integrado de plagas es el monitoreo y la detección temprana. En esta sección aprenderemos como fabricar trampas para monitorear insectos, utilizando materiales sencillos y baratos. Adicionalmente, determinaremos como adecuar trampas para cada cultivo e insecto específico. En este módulo los agricultores tendrán la oportunidad de educarse para ser los científicos de su propia huerta, mediante el metódico registro y análisis de datos obtenidos en trampas de monitoreo. Presenter: Dalila Rendon, Entomóloga, OSU Extension


Facilitated Farmer to Farmer Exchange: Tools for Farm Business Management

This workshop will be a facilitated farmer to farmer exchange focused on sharing tools and resources for farm business management. How do you develop sales plans and projections? What accounting and financial record keeping tools do you use? How do you evaluate what is contributing to your farm’s bottomline (and what isn’t)? What systems do you have in place for evaluating employees and structuring compensation? Come prepared to participate and learn for your farming peers. Presenter: Tanya Murray, Oregon Tilth

Increasing Food Access at Farmers' Markets

Farmers Markets are reaching out to youth, seniors, and low income individuals to offer fun and practical nutrition education in addition to financial assistance. Hear from experienced farmers market managers about how to start up, run and maintain various food access programs including Power of Produce (POP), kids nutrition and cooking classes, senior nutrition, SNAP match, and “SNAP-To-It”. Presenters: Lannie Kali, Chef-Market Manager & Food Activist, Plenty Community Food Services; Jackie Hammond, Manager, Oregon City Year Round Farmers Market

Exploring the Small Farm Dream

This session introduces prospective farmers to some of the many considerations when starting a small farm business. We will cover how to assess soil quality and understand water rights; conduct initial market research; and consider how lifestyle and financial goals play into enterprise selection. Investigating these topics may produce more questions than answers, but are extremely important to anyone new to farming. Presenter: Rachel Suits, OSU Extension Service Small Farms Program

Vegetable Pack Shed Layout and Ergonomics

Harvesting vegetables is only the first step in getting quality produce out of the field and to your customers. This session will address some best practices for post-harvest handling and storage of vegetable crops and tools for making the job easier. We will describe efficient layouts for small-scale packing sheds, ergonomic furniture designs, some cold and dry storage options, water usage, and cost considerations for construction. Andrea Krahmer from Farm Credit Services will discuss options for financing a new storage building. Presenters: Nick Andrews, Oregon State University Extension Service; Heidi Noordijk, Oregon State University Extension Service; Josh Volk, Slow Hand Farm; Andrea Krahmer, Northwest Farm Credit Services.

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Introduction to Biodynamic Agriculture

Biodynamic agriculture is a holistic, ecological, and ethical approach to crop production that views the farm as a living organism: self-contained and self-sustaining, responsible for creating and maintaining its individual health and vitality. Biodynamic agriculture was founded on a series of lectures presented in 1924 by Dr. Rudolf Steiner and has been practiced for nearly a century on every continent on earth. In this session, presenters will cover the history of biodynamics and what biodynamic agriculture is in principle and practice. They will also address the current biodynamic movement and available resources on both national and regional levels. Presenters: Thea Maria Carlson, Biodynamic Association and Marjory House, Oregon BD Group and GoBioDynamic

Raising Pastured Organic Hogs

This session includes a general overview of raising hogs on pasture and introduces Rodale’s new Organic Hog Facility, a state-of-the-art model for farmers looking to raise premium quality hogs on pasture. The Rodale system includes a centralized hoop house style shelter with deeply bedded stalls and 24/7 access to the outdoors surrounded by pasture consisting of a forage mix for grazing and rooting. A key goal of pasture raised hog systems is reducing labor and off-farm feed purchases. Presenter: Jeff Moyer, Rodale Institute