Small Farms Conference Proceedings

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Session One

What Makes Money? Practical Ways to Track Expenses & Revenue to Evaluate What Crops are Profitable - Chris Blanchard, Purple Pitchfork

Haymaking on the Westside - Steven Fransen, Forage Crops Specialist, Washington State University

Growing without Irrigation - Jacques Neukom, Neukom Family Farm; Steve Peters, Seed Revolution Now & Organic Seed Alliance; Amy Garrett, OSU Extension Service Small Farms Program

Producing and Selling Value Added Foods in Oregon - Kelly Streit, OSU Extension Family & Community Health, Clackamas County; Will Fargo, Food Safety Specialist, Oregon Department of Agriculture

Session Two

How Should I Sell? Evaluating Market Channels - Chris Blanchard, Purple Pitchfork

The Sins of Overgrazing - Steven Fransen, Forage Crops Specialist, Washington State University

Farm to School: Opportunities, Updates and Input - Amy Gilroy, Farm to School Program Manager Oregon Department of Agriculture; Megan Kemple, Oregon State Lead, National Farm to School Network; Mike Hessel, Red Hat Melons, Paul Harcombe, Harcombe Farms

Innovative Approaches to Catching and Storing Water on your Farm - Andrew Millison, Permaculture Rising; Pat Schenk, Canaan Hill Farm; Bogdan Caceu, La Creole Orchards

Business Planning and Marketing for Cut Flower Farmers - Diane Szukovathy, Jello Mold Farm, Mt. Vernon, WA and Board Chair of the Seattle Wholesale Growers Market; Molly Sadowsky, Manager, Seattle Wholesale Grower’s Market; Joan Thorndike, Le Mera Gardens, Ashland

Smart Marketing: Effective and Thrifty Methods to More Customers (and more money) - Mark Wall, Thriving Markets

Session Three

Should I Buy a Tractor? Investment Analysis for the Small Farm - Chris Blanchard, Purple Pitchfork

Record Keeping for Organics: Tips, Tricks, & Questions Answered - Drew Katz and Callyn Kircher, Oregon Tilth; Chris Overbagh, Winter Green Farm

Healthy Soil & You: Managing the Living Ecosystem Beneath Your Feet - Cory Owens, Natural Resources Conservation Service