Agritourism Resources

Oregon Agritourism Legislation

ORS 215- County Planning; Zoning; Housing Codes

Senate Bill 960 passed in 2011

Grow the Coast Conference Session (2014)

Adding Agritourism (Slides)

Oregon Small Farms Conference Session (2014)

Farm Stands: Selling by the Roadside (Video)

Oregon Agritourism Working Group

Agritourism Working Group hosted by Travel Oregon

Oregon Agritourism Goals and Strategies (July 6, 2014)

Oregon Agritourism Summits (2012 & 2013)

Oregon Agritourism Summit Summary

Agenda from 2013 Oregon Agritourism Summit

Agenda from 2012 Oregon Agritourism Summit

Presenters' Contact Information - 2012

Getting to Yes for Agritourism in Oregon

Commissioner Jim Bernard Keynote Address (Video)

Clackamas County's Support for Agritourism (Video)

Marketing your Destination: Internet and Beyond

Full Session  (Video)

Travel Oregon (Slides)

Mt. Hood Territories (Slides)

Afton Field Farm (Slides)

Market Trends: 6 Kinds of Agritourism

Market Trends Presented by Mary Stewart (Slides)

Market Trends (Video)

Navigating Regulations

Full Session (Video)

Clackamas County Planning - Navigating Regulations (Slides)

Reducing Risk by Managing Liability

Full Session (Video)

Hospitality: Creating the Customer Experience

Full Session (Video)

Leaping Lamb Farm Stay (Slides)

Farm to Fork Events (Slides) and Video Clips

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm (Slides)

Collaborative Models for Agritourism

Agritourism Models (Slides)

The Traveling Fork (Slides)

Oregon Country Trails (Slides)

Need Motivation?

Fort Vannoy Farm (Video)

Wooden Shoe Tulip Farm (Video)

Leaping Lamb Farm Stay (Video)

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