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Funded by the Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Professional Development Program, the Soil Quality Network is a three-year project to create a database, develop a website, and train agricultural professionals in soil quality assessment, education program development and strategies to support farmers.  

"This system will provide agricultural professionals and farmers with access to soil quality resources including: assessment tool information, models for various aspects of program development, soil quality related research, and lessons learned from programs that promote soil quality.“ 

from Wired for Soils, Dr. Dawn Ferris, Soil Science Society of America

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If you are doing SQ work and would like to share your efforts with the world,click here to enter your information get on the SQN Map. The more points on the map, the stronger the network!

The SQN Map map will

  • Build a world-wide network of soil quality enthusiasts
  • Provide brief descriptions of soil quality activities
  • Facilitate connections
  • Stimulate collaboration

Note: Your point on the map will not appear right away. Updates are made weekly. If you are having trouble viewing the map try using FireFox and Chrome instead of Internet Explorer.

If you have any questions please contact Amy Garrett or Teresa Matteson.

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Soil Quality Network is sponsored by Western Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (project EW11-021) and these partners!