Oregon Small Farm News is a free online newsletter that concentrates on both commercial small farm entrepreneurs as well as non-commercial small acreage landowners. Our focus embraces organic/biological and conventional farming systems and emphasizes three areas:

  • Small Acreage Stewardship - Addressing enterprises, land management and soil and water quality for non-commercial small acreage's.

  • Commercial Small Farms - Entrepreneurial Agriculture Addressing high value horticulture, livestock and poultry, and alternative crop production emphasizing organic and pasture-based systems and specialty and niche production.

  • Community Food Systems - Address alternative and specialty marketing through creation and enhancement of local and regional food systems and farm direct marketing channels.

Vol. X No. 3 Summer 2015Small Farms Summer 2015 Cover


  • Welcome to Sara Runkel
  • Dry Farming Demonstration
  • What Do We Know About Small Farms & Local Food Systems? Recent Research in Brief
  • Rural Economic Development One Oven at a Time
  • Biodegradable Mulch Update – New NOP Rule
  • Oregon Grown Produce at a School Near You
  • Ask a Veterinarian or Ask Social Media?
  • New Report from Ecotrust Highlights Regional Food System Challenges and Opportunities
  • Calendar



Vol. X No. 2 Spring 2015

Small Farms Spring 2015 CoverBuilding Soil: A Down-to-Earth-Approach
2015 OSU Small Farms Conference
Farmers Share Valuable Insights at Northwest Farmer to Farmer Conference
Oregon Community Food System Network
Tips and Good Cultural Practices for Producing Healthy Transplants in the Greenhouse
Successfully Navigating the First Ten Years
Cracking the Cost Code
Highlighting Farmers during Tasting Tables
Growing Quinoa in the Willamette Valley
Economics of Local Food: Strategies and Impact

Vol. X No. 1 Winter 2015

Small Farms Winter 2015 CoverHow Human Values Affect Views on Genetically Engineered Crops
Composting: Great promise that comes with challenges, is it a fit for your farm?
Tasting Tables in the Gorge: Sourcing Local Produce for Schools
Pigs: Home on the Range?
Rogue Valley Grown: Local to Wholesale in Southern Oregon
Hooping it up in Central Oregon
Recipe to Market: Creating Your Own Food Business
Livestock Producers and Climate Change
A Year of Success

Vol. IX No. 4 Fall 2014

Small Farms Fall 2014 CoverPostal Service Issues a Stamp to Commemorate Farmers Markets
Cover Crop Establishment in Western Oregon Vegetables    
New USDA Local Food Directories Announced!
Pasture Management: Fall Back to Spring Ahead
Regional Conferences Nurture Regional Food Systems
Crops That Don’t Require Irrigation (and big equipment)
Jean-Martin Fortier to Speak at 2015 Small Farms Conference

Vol. IX No. 3 Summer 2014

Small Farms Summer 2014 CoverAudacious Plan Continues: Provide More Small Farms Extension PositionsSouthern Oregon's May Election had Farmers on Tenderhooks
Common Misconceptions & Key Points About Dry Farming: Case Study of Dry Farmer With More Than 40 Years of Experience
Food Safety Modernization Act Update
Keeping Veterinary Expenses Low
Mobile Poultry Processing: New Services in the Willamette Valley
Small Farms Conference 2014 Videos
GROW Healthy Food Environments for Oregon's Rural Communities
Relay Seeding Cover Crops in Fall and Winter Harvested Vegetables

Vol. IX No. 2 Spring 2014

Small Farms Spring 2014 CoverAudacious Plan Launched to Provide More Small Farms Extension Positions
New 1000ft2 Organic Fertilizer and Cover Crop Calculator Available
Growing Local Food Businesses for Community Economic Development    
Center Participates in CFS Convening
Selling Direct to SNAP Recipients:  Strategies for Success
Pregnancy Ketosis
15 Ways to Help Mitigate Drought on your Farm this Season and Beyond 
USDA Climate Risks in the Northwest Fact Sheet
What’s up in the North Willamette Valley Small Farms Program this Season?
Food Modernization Act Update
New Network Launches For Transitioning Farmers
Growing Pains to Gains in the Willamette Valley

Vol. IX No. 1 Winter 2014

Small Farms Winter 2014 CoverOSU Creates New Center for Small Farms and Community Food Systems
Michael Ableman: Keynote Speaker for 2014 OSU Oregon Small Farms Conference
Small-Scale Poultry Processing: Mobile & Modular
The Competitive Advantage of "Food from Somewhere"
Fodder for Forage: Fact, Folly, Fable or Fabulous?



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