Oregon Small Farm News is a free online newsletter that concentrates on both commercial small farm entrepreneurs as well as non-commercial small acreage landowners. Our focus embraces organic/biological and conventional farming systems and emphasizes three areas:

  • Small Acreage Stewardship - Addressing enterprises, land management and soil and water quality for non-commercial small acreage's.

  • Commercial Small Farms - Entrepreneurial Agriculture Addressing high value horticulture, livestock and poultry, and alternative crop production emphasizing organic and pasture-based systems and specialty and niche production.

  • Community Food Systems - Address alternative and specialty marketing through creation and enhancement of local and regional food systems and farm direct marketing channels.

Vol. IX No. 2 Spring 2014


  • Small Farms Spring 2014 CoverAudacious Plan Launched to Provide More Small Farms Extension Positions

  • New 1000ft2 Organic Fertilizer and Cover Crop Calculator Available
  • Growing Local Food Businesses for Community Economic Development    
  • Center Participates in CFS Convening
  • Selling Direct to SNAP Recipients:  Strategies for Success
  • Pregnancy Ketosis
  • 15 Ways to Help Mitigate Drought on your Farm this Season and Beyond 
  • Climate Risks in the Northwest
  • What’s up in the North Willamette Valley Small Farms Program this Season?
  • Food Modernization Act Update
  • New Network Launches For Transitioning Farmers
  • Growing Pains in the Willamette Valley
  • Food Safety Train the Trainer Workshops
  • Calendar



Vol. IX No. 1 Winter 2014

Small Farms Winter 2014 CoverOSU Creates New Center for Small Farms and Community Food Systems
Michael Ableman: Keynote Speaker for 2014 OSU Oregon Small Farms Conference
Small-Scale Poultry Processing: Mobile & Modular
The Competitive Advantage of "Food from Somewhere"
Fodder for Forage: Fact, Folly, Fable or Fabulous?



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