Javier Fernandez-Salvador, Professor of Practice, teaches blueberry pruning workshop at NWREC.

The Mid-Valley Small Farms Program serves commercial small farm entrepreneurs as well as non-commercial small acreage landowners. Our focus embraces both organic/biological and conventional farming systems and emphasizes the following areas:

  • Small Fruit and Berries: Organic and Conventional Production Systems
    • Addressing the needs of small fruit and berry farmers, both organic and conventional. Providing guidance, advice and resources based on OSU research from the statewide berry program, to promote the success of small producers in the Mid-Willamette Valley. 
  • Latino/Spanish Language or Spanish Speaking Farmers 
    • Bridging the gap for this historically underserved community of farmers in the Mid-Willamette Valley and the State. Providing culturally appropriate classes, workshops, and resources in Spanish for beginner and experienced Latino farmers to be successful in their agricultural ventures.
  • Certifications
    • Addressing and assisting the specific marketing needs of transitional and certified farmers. Provide guidance and training to growers in their efforts to obtain organic or food safety certifications to comply with regulations and better market their agricultural products.
  • Organic and Sustainable Agriculture 
    • Addressing soil, pest, and crop production issues for organic and sustainable agriculture systems. Soil and water conservation, IPM, and enhancing biodiversity are emphasized.

Farmer Spotlight

Headshots of local farmers who have participated in our needs assessment

What are the needs of small farmers in our region?

The Small Farms team is conducting on-site, in person interviews as part of our needs assessment of farmers in the Mid-Willamette Valley. The objective is to identify how to better serve and provide support to our valuable clientele. We are still looking for more farmers interested in participating. The interview takes 45 minutes and we will meet you at your farm! We are also developing an electronic survey that will be available online for your convenience.
Please contact Eliza Smith if interested.