Womens Farmer Networks

PNW 638, Creating Farmer Networks: A Toolkit for Promoting Vibrant Farm Communities

Farmer networks are a great way for farmers to exchange information, socialize, learn and connect with peers. More and more agricultural professionals are relying on farmer networks as an innovative educational tool for programming. Extension faculty at Oregon State University have compiled and written an instructional guide and toolkit for creating farmer-to-farmer networks. Funded by a Western SARE grant, this toolkit is based upon OSU faculty’s experience in creating and managing women farmer networks in Oregon. Topics covered in the guide include how to get your network started; program planning; surveying farmers; choosing an organizational structure; communicating with your network; facilitating network meetings and challenges related to maintaining your network. The guide also includes templates, tools and worksheets for agricultural professionals to use in creating their own networks. This guide is perfect for extension professionals, university educators, nonprofit leaders and other farmers interested in organizing a network. 


The guide is available on Oregon State University’s Extension and Experiment Communications website at: http://extension.oregonstate.edu/catalog/abstract.php?seriesno=PNW+638. The 54-page guide can be downloaded as PDF or is available printed for $14.50. 

Plight of America's Woman Farmers

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The compelling stories of four American women and their lifelong struggle to be farmers.

Farmer Jane: Women Changing the Way We Eat

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For sustainable food activist Temra Costa, women rarely get their proper due in agriculture. Her book, "Farmer Jane", shines light on woman farmers, sustainable food activists, and other women whose important efforts helped shape our modern food system.

OSU Women Farmer Networks

The OSU Small Farms Programs hosts four Women Farmer Networks throughout the state.

The League of Women Farmers, Southern Oregon

The League of Women Farmers provides women farmers with opportunities for business networking, expanding knowledge, and socializing in a supportive, open environment.

The League of Women Farmers was the first of OSU's Women Farmer Networks. It began in October of 2007 and since then they have hosted welding classes, pruning workshops, and seed exchanges- always accompanied by a delicous potluck. Follow them on facebook.

Contact: Call the Southern Oregon Small Farms Program at (541)776-7371 ext 208  

Or email  Maud Powell.


Central Oregon Women's Farm Network

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Willamette Women's Farm Network (WWFN), Mid to Southern Willamette Valley

Sharing. Learning. Growing Together. We are a community of women from central and southern Willamette Valley of Oregon, that are actively engaged in farm and ranch activities. We join together to further our knowledge of farm and ranch related issues both in the market place and in agricultural practices. We are working together to enhance our economic self-sufficiency through shared experience, resources, and visions of how our farm work will impact ourselves and our community. We will provide each member a safe, supportive environment and opportunity to learn safety and lawful practices regarding farming/ranching that promotes responsibility, profitability and conservation of the land.

The WWFN started in November 2008. They keep in touch through an e-mail list-serv and gather together for hands-on learning, farm walks, knowledge sharing, and socializing.

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For more information, contact the coordinator, Teagan Moran (541) 766-3553


Women in Agriculture (Waggies)

Northern Willamette Valley/ Portland Metro Area

Mission Statement: Waggies provides women farmers in the north Willamette Valley of Oregon with opportunities for creating community by expanding knowledge, business networking and socializing in a supportive, open environment.

Waggies meets monthly for farm tours and potlucks offered at member farms in the north Willamette region. Additional education, skill building, and networking events and support are offered. We communicate through facebook and an email listserv.

Waggies started in 2011 and was known as the North Willamette Women Farmer Network until 2013.

For more information, contact the coordinator, Heidi Noordijk