Field to Market

San Marzano tomatoes on vine                            chef preparing produce at NWREC

Can of preserves coming out of water bath    

Field to Market Workshop Series

Did you miss The Essentials class? We'd be up to offering the class again if enough people are interested.

Email Heidi Noordijk if you'd like to be added to the list.

Do you dream of producing a value-added food product for sale, but have no idea where to start? Field-to-Market is for you!

* Participation in “The Essentials” workshop is required to register for the hands-on specialty workshops.


Why participate? 

Learn from the experts about the ODA regulations, recipe selection, labeling guidelines, pH testing, record keeping, marketing tips, and pricing. Practice research-based processing techniques under the guidance of Master Food Preservers.  


Who should attend? 

Fruit and vegetable farmers, and other food entrepreneurs interested in producing value-added products for sale, as well as those already producing a product and seeking additional guidance

Individuals managing farm-direct venues seeking more information on implementing the Farm-Direct, Value-Added law 


Specialty Workshops (Dates TBD)

* Participation in “The Essentials” workshop is required to register for any of the hands-on specialty workshops.

Acidified Foods

Fermented Foods

Dehydrated Foods

High Acid Foods