Direct Marketing

Farm Direct Bill FAQ - Get you questions answered here about the Farm Direct Marketing Administrative Rules under OAR 603-025-0215 through OAR 603-025-0275

Marketing Strategies for Farmers & Ranchers - This publication details all the various direct marketing options available to small farmers with outstanding examples of small farmers in the United States successfully marketing to individuals and retailers on the local market.

Farmer Direct Marketing Bibliography - The Farmer Direct Marketing Bibliography catalogs work that has been done since approximately 1980. While some pre-1980 publications have been included, the cutoff date of 1980 was selected based on resource constraints. Twenty-seven functional categories are used to divide the references from various resources including private industry, academia, and State and Federal Governments.

Direct Farm Marketing & Tourism Handbook - This guide is designed to help farm and ranch operators (and other individuals who grow or process food products) market their products and services directly to the consumer.

Direct Marketing - This publication on direct marketing alternatives—with emphasis on niche, specialty and value-added crops—features many farm case studies, as well as information on enterprise budgets and promotion/publicity. A new section discusses implications of Internet marketing and e-commerce for agriculture.

Marketing New Crops - Marketing New CropsNew crops refers to crops whose products have a set of attributes that are different than those of existing crops. Thus, a new crop may simply be a new cultivar with different product characteristics. One attribute may be that consumers just perceive that the product is different and purchase the product to satisfy the need for variety.

Alternative Beef Marketing - This publication explores marketing alternatives for small-scale cattle ranchers who would like to add value to the beef they produce.

Farm Direct Marketing - Farmers are finding new ways to shorten the marketing route, delivering products directly to their customers. Farmers' markets, CSA, agri-tourism, farm entertainment, direct sales to businesses and home delivery are only a few ideas. Fun, hands-on activities include: pick-your-own, educational tours, pumpkin patches and agricultural mazes.

Agri-Tourism Workbook - This guide is a resource to help farm and ranch owner/operators and those involved in the processing of agricultural products. You  can assess the potential of recreational enterprises that may augment farm and ranch processing income. Information in this guide can help you create a plan of operation to effectively start and sustain such an enterprise. The guide provides information on  potential opportunities, legal considerations, financial resources, and marketing ideas.