Block D - 3:15pm - 4:30pm

Farm Certifications Panel

Hear from a few farmers about why they have chosen certain certifications, pros & cons of each, how your particular farm & marketing situation determine which certification(s) might be appropriate for you, and more. Certifications discussed will include Organic, Certified Naturally Grown, Animal Welfare Approved, Oregon Pasture Network, and Certified Grassfed. Presenters: Narendra Varma, Our Table Farm; Gus Liszka, Naked Acres Farm; and Lindsay Howells, Coyote Ridge Farm


Small Engine Troubleshooting & Repair

Join small engine experts for demonstration of troubleshooting & repair of common small engine problems. This session is designed for people who already have a little bit of familiarity with small engines. Presenters: Patrick Olson and Greg Susbauer, Canby Rental & Equipment


Portable Fencing and Crossfencing

Portable electrified fence and netting can be a tool to create healthier pastures. Healthy pastures grow more grass, feed more animals, reduce feed costs, and create happier animals. Learn to build a quarter mile of fence in less than 30 minutes. Presenter: Randy Bailey, Territory Manager, Gallagher USA

Farmscaping with Native Hedgerows

This practical session will offer participants the “How-To’s” on hedgerow design, costs, planning, installation and maintenance. Farm Hedgerows provide benefits for pollinators and visual, windbreak and drift barrier functionalities. This session will have a native plant focus. Presenter: Marsha Holt-Kingsley, Metro Native Plant Center


The Economics of Poultry Production

How do you make raising poultry pencil out? Jim Hermes from OSU Poultry Extension brings the research-based knowledge to answer this question-and many others on poultry profits-for broilers and layers Presenter: James Hermes, OSU Poultry Extension


Vegetable Packing Sheds and Coolers

Many vegetables are lost in storage, or have reduced shelf-life due to poor storage conditions. In this workshop, you will learn about some low-cost and practical ways to improve post-harvest handling and storage of your vegetables. Nick will introduce some principles of good produce storage, and some packing shed furniture designed by Josh Volk (Slow Hand Farm). Bryan will share his experience at Dancing Roots Farm, describe their low-cost cooler and other innovations on their farm. Presenters: Bryan Dickerson, Dancing Roots Farm and Nick Andrews, OSU Extension


Plastic Tarps and Mulches

Plastic tarps and mulch can improve soil conditions for plant growth. Black plastic mulch has been used in agriculture for the last 30 years or more. Specially designed tools can shape beds, lay drip tape and plastic mulch in one pass. Yields of heat loving crops like tomatoes, peppers and eggplants can be increased, water can be conserved, and weeds can be managed very little cultivation. Jean-Martin Fortier and other innovative market gardeners are now using re-usable plastic mulch to take advantage of many of these benefits on a small-scale. Rowan and Josh will share their practical experiences and concerns with the use of plastic tarps and mulches. Presenters: Josh Volk, Slow Hand Farm, and Rowan Steele, East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District Headwaters Incubator Program