Block C - 1:15pm - 2:45pm

Urban Farming - Models that Work

Hear from three urban farmers about their farm operations, including their history, the pros & cons of their farm model, and the unique aspects of farming in an urban or suburban area. Time for Q&A will be provided as well. Presenters: Stacey Givens, Sideyard Farm; Gentiana Loeffler, Bluehouse Greenhouse Farm; Annika La Fave, Schoolyard Farms

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Tools for the Small Vegetable Farm (panel)

Hear from 3 farmers, two of whom also design farm tools, about some of their favorite farm tools, considerations for choosing & using tools, modifying tools, and more. Presenters: Michael McGowen, Carts & Tools; Josh Volk, Slow Hand Farm; Melissa Streng, Sunlove Farm


Permanent Perimeter Fencing for Pastures

Electrified high tensile wire fence for animal containment and predator exclusion. Twice the fence for half the price of conventional fencing. Learn proper construction, energizer selection and maintenance.

Presenter: Randy Bailey, Territory Manager, Gallagher USA


Pasture Walk with Woody Lane

What to see, what to look for, how to interpret it. Very practical skills. How to identify the main forage grasses and legumes, how they grow. Estimating pasture mass. Making decisions about grazing and sustainable pastures. Presenter: Woody Lane, Ph.D., President, Oregon Forage & Grassland Council


Table Grapes for the Small Farm

Hear the story of Karen and Bill Farmer's table grape adventure. They'll share how they started in table grape production and now are producing over 20 varieties on 1/2 acre of organic production selling to specialty markets. Follow Karen as she walks you through a season in the vineyard and discusses their low input approach to growing table grapes. The heart of the session will be on variety selection and characteristics to look for in table grapes. Presenter: Karen Farmer, Farmers Table Grapes


Introduction to Rabbit Production

Join Don Arbuckle of Pigeon Lake Farm for a discussion on raising rabbits. In this session, you'll find out what you need to get started-successfully and humanely- producing rabbits for consumption or sale.

Presenter: Don Arbuckle, Pigeon Lake Farm


Adding Value to Your Produce

In January 2012, the Oregon Farm-Direct Law went into effect. This law allows small farmers to create and sell certain low-risk products like jams & jellies, dried fruit & vegetables, fermented foods and salsas from the produce that they grow, without a license, thus providing an additional revenue source, a way to use up extra produce, and also add variety to their offerings. This session will explain the rules and regulations associated with the law, its implementation, and also safe food practices for processing on-farm. Approved resources and recipes will also be provided.

Presenter: Kelly Streit, MS, RD, Food & Nutrition Instructor, OSU Extension Service