Block A - 8:30am - 10:00am

Farm Taxes/Financial Planning & Finances for your Farm Operation

Learn how to identify your personal and farm business goals, and then strategize how you manage your finances so that you can achieve these goals. This comprehensive presentation will cover topics from tax planning to employment, business expansion, and succession planning. Presenter: Michael Menzies, Braeside Farm and Pembroke Tax and Business Advisors

The Care & Feeding of Hand Tools

How to clean, sharpen, repair, re-handle and otherwise maintain agricultural hand tools such as hoes, forks, shovels, rakes, cultivators, axes, and the like. The primary emphasis will be on routine preventative maintenance that makes wood handled edge tools last longer and perform reliably. Presenter: Bob Denman, Red Pig Tools

Marketing Local Meat (panel)

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Learn about successful strategies in marketing your local meat products through various outlets.  The panel will include discussions from multiple perspectives along the supply chain, including restaurant, processor, and grower. Presenters: Ben Meyer, Old Salt Marketplace; Rebecca Thistlethwaite, Niche Meat Processor Assistant Network; Zach Menchini, Campfire Farms


Forage and Pasture Management for Beginners

Learn the basic concepts of forage growth and sustainable intensive grazing: when to open the gate, when to move animals off the pasture, how many animals a pasture can support. Practical skills. The 4 basic principles of good grazing. Presenter: Woody Lane, Ph.D., President, Oregon Forage & Grassland Council


Establishing Common and not so Common Fruiting Trees and Plants on a Small Farm

Are you looking to establish fruit trees and aren't sure where to start? Join Tonia Lordy of the Home Orchard Society to learn the steps to prepare ground for planting fruit trees. Tonia will cover soil preparation, nutrient management, irrigation, trellising and other areas that will help you get started with successful establishment. Presenter: Tonia Lordy, Home Orchard Society


Poultry for Beginning Farmers

Are you interested in raising poultry, but not sure where to start? Megan Denton from Able Farms brings experience as a farmer and chef to this session. She'll provide all the info needed to walk away feeling comfortable and ready to set up your own poultry operation. Presenter: Megan Denton, Able Farms


Vegetable Nutrient Management and Cover Crops

Nick will introduce you to the principles and practices of Organic vegetable nutrient management. He will also discuss how cover crops can contribute to your nutrient management plan. OSU has conducted considerable research in this area. In this workshop, we will introduce you to proven management practices and decision-tools that can help you manage nutrients more accurately on your Organic vegetable farm. Presenter: Nick Andrews, OSU Extension