Additional Livestock Resources

Links of Interest

OSU Animal Sciences Department - Learning and exploring biological principles applied to domestic livestock and companion animals.

Hay Options: When you are short on hay - Oregon State University.  Options for producers short on hay due to winter and spring weather conditions.

Living on the Land: Pasture and Livestock Essentials - Oregon State University.  Pasture and livestock management East of the Cascade Mountains.

Living on the Land: Winter Livestock Care - Information on the basics of managing livestock in the winter.

Manure Management - The basics of livestock manure management, including handling, storage, composting, use, and reducing effects on the environment.

Matching Hay Quality with Animal Nutrient Requirements - Addresses the topic of nutrient content of grass/legume hay and the nutrient requirements of  livestock that may be consuming it.

On-Farm Food Safety: Cleaning and Sanitizing Guide (Downloadable PDF) - A guide to cleaning and sanitation during production, harvesting, and packaging to reduce the risk of contamination to fresh produce.

Pasture Rental Rates - Rental rates for pasturing cattle and sheep vary depending on animal size or weight, condition of pasture, work done by each party, and lease length.

Poultry Pest Management - This handbook is intended as a tool for making decisions regarding the control and management of important insect pests in the Pacific Northwest.

Fencing & Watering

Paddock Design, Fencing, and Water Systems for Controlled Grazing - Covers some of the basics of paddock design and current fencing and water technology. Paddock design needs to be based on landscape, land productivity, water availability, and the number and types of animals in the system.

Rotational Grazing - Rotational grazing is periodically moving livestock to fresh paddocks, to allow pastures to regrow. Rotational grazing requires skillful decisions and close monitoring of their consequences.

Solar-Powered Livestock Watering Systems - Gives an introduction to solar-powered livestock watering systems, including discussions of cost, components, and terminology, as well as some suggestions for designing and installing these systems.