Small Farm News 2012 Archive

 Vol. VII No. 4 Fall 2012

small farm newletter cover - biking farmerA Glimpse of What We Do and Do Well
Growing Farms: Successful Whole Farm Management Grows Farmers
Growing Agripreneurs: Training the Next Generation of Farmers
Local Meats and Marketing
Oregon’s Women Farmer Networks: Support for Women, Success for Farms
Enhancing Organic Agriculture in Oregon
Growing Farms Online: Online Education for Beginning Farmers and Ranchers
Nitrogen Management in Organic Vegetables: Work in Progress
USDA Inspected Meat Processing Comes to NE Oregon 
Blazing a Trail with Whole Carcass Butchery Boulton & Son Opens
Building Community Through Food & Partnerships: Gathering Together Farm, Part 2
First Annual Small Farm School
Accident at Lonesome Whistle Farm: Beans, Grains and Love

Vol. VII No. 3 Summer 2012

small farm newletter cover - eggplantOld Mill Feed & Garden
Genetically Modified Organisms Continue to Be a Controversial Topic in Agriculture
The Annual NW Farmer to Farmer Exchange Turned Ten This Winter
How Secure Is Your Farm?
The Microbiology of Meat Processing: Learning Opportunity
New Study Finds Grass-Fed Beef Reduces Carbon Footprint
Small Acreage Landowners Get Clean Irrigation Water After Dispute Resolution


Vol. VII No. 2 Spring 2012

small farm newletter cover - meat processing equipmentLocal Meat Producer Takes on Retail Meat Cutting
The 2012 OSU Small Farms Retrospective
The Small Farms Conference
Oregon’s 1000 Bird Exemption: Rules & Best Practices
Building Community Through Food & Partnerships: Gathering Together Farm, Part 1
Meat Measles
Ponding, Plugging, & Pugging: How to Care for Wet Spring Soils


Vol. VII No. 1 Winter 2012

Fiddlehead Farm: A New Take on the Multi-generational Family Farm
Farmers, Chefs, & Local Charcuterie
Food Safety for Fresh Market Growers: Manure Management & Irrigation Water
Small Farms Program & the New Generation of Farmers
Oregon DEQ Adopts New Rules to Allow Expanded Use of Greywater