Newsletter Archive 2006 to 2008

Vol III No.4 Fall 2008    

Farm Profile: Afton Field Farm
Compost Discovered
USDA Release Interim Rule for Country Origin Labeling (COOL)
Supplemental Feed for Poultry
Grape Production in Central Oregon
Women's Agricultural Networks
Sustainable Livestock Production part 1
Weed Control in Pastures Without Chemicals
Are your Fruits and Vegetables Safe for Human Consumption?


Vol. III No. 3 Summer 2008

Farm Profile: Blue Fox Farm
USDA Assessment Addresses Climate Change & Agriculture
It's the Time of Buy Hay
Feeding Pastured Poultry
For the Vegetable Farmer: Farmer's Market Displays & Attracting Customers
A Key to Farmer's Success: Matching Market Size & Management Structure
Carrot Rust Fly Biology & Management
Potassium Deficiency: Listening to Your Ears of Corn
Growers Harness Sun to Produce Row Crops
Tube Feeding Neonatal Small Ruminants
The Satisfying Sound of Clean Water

Vol. III No. 2 Spring 2008

Farm Profile: Dancing Cow Farm
Emerging Concepts in Small Ruminant Parasite Control
Northwest Farmer to Farmer Exchange
Plan Now for Pasture Renovation in the Fall
Handling Practices to Reduce On-Farm Food-Born Illness
Financing Change and Changing Finance
Purchasing Chicks



Vol III No.1 (PDF) Winter 2008

Farm Profile: Season Extension at Gales Meadow Farm 
Nitrate in Groundwater: A Hidden Concern
Winter Livestock Management 
Spring Nitrogen Fertilization of Pastures 
DEQ Compost Facility Rules



 Vol II No. 3 (PDF) Fall 2007

Fall CoverFarm Profile: Reill Farm of Lincoln City
Fall Pasture Management: Plant, Root Growth, & Soil Fertility
Function and Selection of Cover Crops
Fresh Shell Bean and Dry Bean Variety Trial
Small Ruminant Medication: How to Stay Within the Law
Season Changes Affect Poultry
Forage Production Under Agroforestry Systems
You've Grown it, Now What?


Vol. II No. 2 (PDF) Summer 2007

SFNEWS_SumFarm Profile: Lefever-Holbrook Ranch
Managing Summer Weeds in Pastures
OSPUD: New Organic Potato Production Research at OSU
Out of Control Algae
Exploring Value-Added Agriculture
Irrigated Pastures
Small Farms are Big Business in Central Oregon


Vol. II No. 1 (PDF) Spring 2007

Farm Profile: Long Mountain Farm
What's that Moss Doing in My Pasture?
Raising Baby Chicks
Estimating Nitrogen & Dry Matter from Cover Crops
A Burrowing Pest: Controlling Gophers
Fertilizing for Hay Production



Vol. I No. 1 (PDF) Fall 2006/Winter 2007

Top Ten Things I Learned about Buying a Small Farm
Is Agroforestry Appropriate for you Small Farm?
Keep the Compost Cooking this Winter
Selenium Fertilization of Forages