Oregon Small Farms

Upcoming Events

Monday, Oct 16th 2017

Practical, Low-Cost Grazing Management
Learn the basics of managing your pastures, not through costly inputs but by controlling your livestock to maximize plant health and growth. Learn about the factors that determine paddock size...

Tuesday, Oct 17th 2017

Advanced Poultry Feeding
Advanced poultry feeding for small-scale commercial flocks.

Thursday, Oct 19th 2017

Living on the Land (Lane)
Woodlands and Wildlife Look at the woodlands and natural areas on your property and consider options to enhance and manage for healthy trees and wildlife habitat.  Living on the Land is...

Saturday, Oct 21st 2017

Temporary Electric Fence Building Workshop
Attend the fence building workshop and learn how to build temporary electric fences for livestock control and management of pastures. Field location TBA. Register on line:...

Thursday, Oct 26th 2017

Living on the Land (Lane)
Pasture & Grazing Management Make the most of your pasture by learning how grass plants grow, rotational grazing, nutrient and winter-time management. Living on the Land is a...

Thursday, Nov 2nd 2017

High Tunnel Production & Marketing for the Diversified Vegetable Farm
BIG LICK FARM –942 Winston Section Rd, Winston Big Lick Farm has been in operation for 10 years and they recently moved to a new, larger farm   location. Suzie will give a tour of...